> Dexter's 20 week 4D Ultrasound

Hi there Guys!
What a cute face
Head with Arm Up
Torso and Face
Torso and Face 2
Torso and Face 3
Torso and Face 4
Torso and Face 5
Number 1 Baby
Face straight on close up
Button Nose
Face Profile
The Money Shot!
Estimated Due Date
Growth Chart
Booty and Foot
Shy Boy
Shrugging Shoulder
It's too loud!
Facing Backward
Scrunched eyes
Top of Head
Face with Hand
Classic Fetal Position
Face 4D
Chubby Cheeks
Eye Open a little
Mouth open a little
Big Yawn
Face 4D again
Full Arm
Arm by Face
Cutie Face
Cutie Face 2
Cutie Face 3
Cute Face Boy
Relaxing in the Womb
Bye Bye See you in April